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SAPYRO® wildfire barriers are unique. Created to withstand extremely high temperatures, reusable, easy rollable and transportable, they are perfect for any emergency situation. Decide quickly to save lives, nature, vehicles and property.



SAPYRO Forest Fire Barriers are Reusable

The uses are many: from portable and reusable forest fire barriers to protection perimeters around property, industry, agriculture, camping sites, homes, buildings, army bases, etc or tailored to protect fire fighting trucks, vehicles and special field units against wildfires and fire blasts including engineered solutions for civil protection uses.

How it works

  • Heat reflection, preventing heat radiation from passing through and efficiently sending back the reflected heat into the burning area
  • Physical barrier, against flames and hot gases, which by convection will tend to rise in front of the barrier being benefited by the wind dynamics creating a vertical fire wall preventing the forest fire to advance forward
  • Air suction, towards the hot area fire zone from the cold area, produced by the depression of the rising convection current. This helps to stop the fire spreading under the barrier and above the barrier becoming self-extinguished by lack of materials to burn
  • Lightness. The material is light enough to be transported in backpacks and installed in mountainous terrain, including helicopter drop. It is also compact
  • Strength. The barrier offers high resistance to three basic factors: I. heat - withstanding high temperatures without losing its qualities; II. flames - it is fireproof and does not catch fire when it comes into contact with flames; or when mechanically stressed. Furthermore, its installation systems are III. sufficiently stable, mainly against the wind
  • Adaptability. The material used is easy to adapt to uneven, broken land, often rocky and overgrown

The SAPYRO fire barriers act on the three ways of conveying heat: radiation, convection and conduction. They prevent the radiating heat and the hot gases and flames from passing through the barrier, and keep the vegetation protected surrounded in a mass of colder air, at practically ambient temperature.


Main Applications

The best system for attacking forest fires, carry out controlled burnings, fire breaks, self-protection systems for residential and other installations, personal and emergency protection; night shifts included, when airborne forest fire extinguishing stops

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SAPYRO® Products are made of lightweight composite materials (bridging 1200ºC / 2200ºF at the flames side, 45ºC / 114ºF at the protected side) which are unique to this product providing full safety in all emergency situations where fire blazes.